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Reflections from Bombua / Londua Schools

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

In March, Ruth from Queensland visited Bombua Londua High School, Vanuatu. These Churches of Christ schools combined, when due to the Volcanic activity on Ambae, Londua had to relocate. She shares her reflections on these resilient and inspirational schools.

"During my recent trip to Vanuatu, I was able to visit Bombua Londua High School. I found the mutual respect between the teachers and students and the genuine desire of the students to learn to be uplifting. I was invited to join in several classes and found that each student’s pride in their work showed in the way they kept their exercise books. Each book was neat and the handwriting very clear. When considering that English is their third language and their eager attitude to learning, I realized they had so much to teach me.

"There are very few resources at the school but the teachers use everything available to them. Some of the classes were held in tents. Some of the students from Ambae were also living in tents and had to dry out their belongings on the lawns after the rains. A new dormitory is currently being built for them. The students are responsible for washing their own clothes, by hand, and I saw them chatting and laughing whilst doing so. They are incredibly resilient young men and women.

"As well as the High School, there is also a Vocational School. I visited the Tourism and Hospitality class on two occasions and greatly enjoyed the interactions with both the students and teachers whose enthusiasm was contagious.

"During my two weeks in Vanuatu, I found the people to be engaging, friendly and happy. My short time there was life-changing and I will soon be returning to learn more."

Ruth Price, QLD

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