2019 News

Pray for Zimbabwe

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Please pray for peace as most of our people have been caught in the recent disturbances. Pray for churches to open for services, as most people will not be able to attend. Many households were caught unaware and have no food supplies. Where shops are open, mielie meel and bread are not available. Where you can get bread, it’s selling for five dollars. Bus fares have shot up to seven dollars where it used to cost a dollar. So those going to work cannot afford the new prices. Petrol in Zimbabwe is now the most expensive in the world. Petrol is scarce in Bulawayo, and where you can get it, it costs $3.80 – up from $1.24. So you can see it’s pretty much a nightmare for the ordinary worker. 

We need your prayers. Internet shutdowns are used to stop people communicating with each other and the outside world. Please hold the churches, and the nation of Zimbabwe in your prayers. Pray for an end to the economic and social instability, and for the wellbeing of the people caught in the midst of this crisis. Thank you GMP for offering support, care and encouragement.

BJ Mpofu, Zimbabwe

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