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Heading into the Future

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The ongoing ministry of Global Mission Partners is built on the heritage, strength and purposefulness of our long-term identity. Behind these concepts is a great deal of human endeavour, and beyond this human part is our deep response to the call of Jesus Christ to engage in mission. This call is to make the message of Jesus’ love, forgiveness and resurrection power real in the lives and experience of people. It is a call that we share with local churches and other bodies (in and beyond Churches of Christ). 

This gospel imperative keeps GMP from becoming an institution with a Christian identity drawn from the past, and leads us into continually being renewed so that we are creative, responsive and open to the future. 

In this new year we will be inviting input and reflection in response to the question “What is God’s call to GMP for this next season?” This is not a question to be answered in a one-off workshop or in a scheduled meeting – it needs to be explored prayerfully and with discernment.

Our heritage comes from people responding to God’s call. These responses led to new initiatives in mission, new partnerships and opportunities. It is simpler and easier to imagine God asking nothing new of us. Our God who “makes all things new” leads us on. To travel this way means letting go, so that our future may be shaped by what we discern and not by our human desire to preserve everything.

GMP has a strong history of almost 130 years of people and churches that are committed to mission to the whole world. GMP is part of Churches of Christ at work in the world, and so has a special place in the mission identity and story of our churches. What will it mean in the future to care for this identity and heritage and continue to become what God needs us to be?

About 15 years ago GMP was given a new purpose statement – linking people, churches and resources across nations. It is a clear and strong guiding statement. As we look forward, we will ensure that GMP has a continuing sense of purposefulness. Our mission space includes international settings, Indigenous Australians and local churches. In this space we want to be as creatively effective as possible. Join us in this journey by being a prayer partner, encourager or by making suggestions. Our staff members are keen to be in dialogue with you.

John Gilmore, Executive Officer

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