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Discovering Gifts through a Community Chicken Project

Friday, 20 September 2019

Sakrin wanted to help his family earn more money by learning how to raise chickens. But through the joys and struggles of their community chicken project, he was able to help his daughter discover a great gift that she hadn’t known.

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Like others in his community, Sakrin’s familiy struggled with a small income. His job from selling second hand items needed to support not only himself, but also his wife and her four children. Sakrin wanted to grow his famlies income.

The community chicken raising project was created to help people like Sakrin. In 2017, the members of Phet Phaitoon Church in Thailand noticed that some of their members of the community did not have enough income each month for themselves and their families. They wanted to help these people across the wider community. They thought teaching people to raise local chickens could help provide additional income, and many people we’re interested in learning.

Despite enthusiasm for the project, they knew it wouldn’t all be easy. With the help of Churches of Christ Overseas Aid (COCOA), the church was able to assess the risks and costs, and put together a plan that had the greatest potential for raising skills and providing sustainable income.

Sakrin heard about the project and decided to attend the training. After, his whole family decided to join the prorgam, and together they began raising chickens.

His daughter found that she had a gift for taking care of them, and became very skilled at helping the others.  After caring for the chickens for 75 days, they sold the chickens for a profit of 7,545 Baht (~AUD$350).

However, the next cycle of raising chickens didn’t go as planned. They could not sell the chickens. Sakrin and his family had to continue feeding and caring for the chickens. Finally, on the 95th day they were able to sell the chickens – but at a loss.  

Sakrin and his community still need help to make reliable income for their families. The gift he and his daughter have raising chickens still needs encouragement to grow. Despite this outcome, Sakrin and his family were not discouraged. “We talked together as a family and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter.  Even though we lost money, we will give thanks to God, because we have learned many lessons from raising chickens.” Sakrin said. “When we face difficulties, we will face them together, and when we have good times, we will enjoy them together.”

With the generous support of people like you, COCOA have continued to establish the project further by providing an incubator and slaughterhouse. Ongoing support will help people like Sakin and his family to grow their chicken business, and make it sustainable for their future.

Your gifts can help people like Sakrin develop their gifts. Generous supporters help give families training and start-up support, including chickens, chicken coop materials, food supply, and medicine for good animal health. These gifts keep on giving, as community members grow and realize their own gifts.

Now, Sakrin’s daughter has taken charge of their chicken raising. The family is still going to put their new skills to use – much like many others in their community.

Sakrin’s daughter discovered her gift for raising chickens through the support of people like you! Many others are lacking the time, energy or resources they need to realise their gifts and fulfil their potential. Your great gift can make a real impact on their lives.

Purchase a Great Gift, and help someone like Sakrin today, at www.greatgifts.org.au.  

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