2019 News

A Thirst For More Than Water

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Jesus asks the woman, “Give me a drink” and opens up a conversation about water – Jesus is the living water. Later in John’s Gospel Jesus again promises that those who thirst will receive living water (7:38). In Matthew’s Gospel, the separation of the “sheep from the goats” is based on physical need (“you did (or did not) give me a drink”). 

Thirst describes an inner longing that is fully satisfied in the love, forgiveness and grace found in Jesus. Thirst needs water – only that satisfies us. 

Physically when we thirst, we look for water and when we drink, we are satisfied and renewed. When we thirst, the need to find water is urgent and there is nothing better than finding some water to drink. Our race to find water is to a tap, a shop or a bottle. 

It is hard for us to comprehend that for many the water may be hundreds of metres away, and the source polluted by animals that also drink from it. Hardly “living water” in a healthy sense. 

As the people of Jesus, we are to be generous with water – water that is safe to drink and satisfies the physical thirst, knowing that our spiritual thirst is met in him. 

Safe Water September is about providing physical water, and doing so with the prayer that providing safe water will have a spiritual impact. Join us this September in providing safe water.

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