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A Home For Hazel 

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Hazel is one of many children in Zimbabwe who have been separated from family as a result of hardship. With no family able to take care of her, Hazel faced an unsafe and uncertain future with no education or provision for her basic needs.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city, is known for its rich culture and history, but it has also suffered in the midst of grueling economic hardship and the AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe. Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV) was established to care for children, like Hazel, who were affected by the ongoing socio-economic crises. KCV provides hope to those who would otherwise be without hope and with a strong belief that God sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6).

Children at KCV grow in a holistic environment that meets their physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs. Children like Hazel attend local schools, learn vital life skills and grow up as part of a family unit at the village. KCV understands that the best possible solution for many children is to be reunited with members of their family of origin. While caring for Hazel and providing for her needs, KCV set out to find the family that Hazel was separated from with the hope of re-establishing a relationship.

When KCV located Hazel’s grandmother, the team started working towards reuniting Hazel with her family. Her grandmother is unemployed and relies on a drought relief program, making KCV’s support vital to her ability to meet Hazel’s ongoing needs.

Through the generous donations of people like you, it is possible for KCV to provide this vital ongoing support. It ensures the safety and wellbeing of children and the families that they are reconnecting with. For Hazel, your support made it possible for her to re-establish a loving and supportive relationship with her grandmother. Being reunited with families becomes a life-changing reality for children like Hazel.

With the provision of supplementary food and stationery from KCV, Hazel will continue to grow and attend school. With basic business management training, and a grant for a self-sustaining project, her grandmother will have the opportunity to become self-sufficient and provide for Hazel. KCV will continue to be involved in Hazel’s life, with regular home visits to ensure her safety and provide psychosocial support where needed.

Because of the generous support KCV receives, as well as its passion for reconnecting children with their families, the number of children living at the village has reduced to just 49. These children continue to grow in an environment that meets their physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs.

With your ongoing support, KCV will be able to continue to provide for the children in their care, and also for children like Hazel who have been reunited with their families.

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