2019 News

A Fantastic Fiji Visit

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

It’s always a great experience to visit Pastor David Reddy, his family and the church at Lautoka. The culture, the fellowship, the food and church life are all very stimulating. 

Pastor David continues to reach out and bring more people into his church, although some move on to other churches because there are so many to choose from.

We start by participating in his church service at 1pm in the beer garden of a local hotel, where two different church services have already met that morning. Worship is vibrant and heartfelt. I then do some teaching, after which Pastor David gets up and interprets in Hindi. Prayer time is stimulating – everyone stands to pray all at once, and loud! Prayers for individuals are offered at the end of the service.

During the week we visit church members and pray for their needs; we hold a Bible study one night where more ministry is offered to those in need; and David and I spend time fellowshipping together when we have free time. One day it rained all day to end the dry season and so Pastor David and I spent the time sharing and praying and building one another up in the Lord.

The last Sunday is spent in church again with a greater degree of bonding and fellowship than at the beginning of the week. Prayer is offered at the end of the service for those wanting to be filled with the love of God, the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Everyone goes home blessed.

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