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Walk for Hope this Good Friday

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Agnes is a faithful, Christian woman from Zimbabwe. Every Sunday, she would walk an exhausting 15km to get to the nearest church to her home. 

For people like Agnes living in rural Zimbabwe, walking to church is the only option. There is little public transport. The few small vans that do run are packed full and don’t travel to remote communities. Most people walk around 5km to get to their local churches, but it can be an arduous walk of up to 25km. This distance isolates people from their church communities and limits their involvement in church life.

Unfortunately, lack of access to churches is a challenge in more places than just Zimbabwe. Many people around the world still don’t have access to the hope brought by Christian ministries. But there is hope, and you can be a part of it. 

Thanks to your support of Christian ministries through GMP, you have helped establish a new church plant closer to Agnes. It’s cut the distance she has to walk in half! She attends faithfully. Agnes even helped to make the bricks and lay the foundations for the church building. She is a leader in the women’s fellowship, and visits many people around her community. Imagine the possibilities if more people could contribute to their churches like Agnes!

You can help bring hope, and give people like Agnes better access to Christian ministries. And it’s as easy as walking to church. This Good Friday, walk to church, and raise money to help give people hope through access to Christian ministries. The money you raise helps plant new churches, train pastors, and send evangelists to share Jesus’ message of hope to more people. 

Find out how you can Walk for Hope this Easter, and help people like Agnes! 

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