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Shrigonda Primary School Celebrates 100 Years

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Saturday 10 February marked the centenary celebrations of the Shrigonda Primary School, India. GMP Executive Officer, John Gilmore, and COCOA Program Officer, Suzanne Hayes, were present for the event. John says of the celebrations: “It was such a tribute to the resilience of people, both local and Australian missionaries – a fine heritage.” Suzanne was also encouraged: “We met a number of previous students who, since leaving Shrigonda, pursued further education in nursing, teaching and science and now are in good jobs. It was a real credit that the girls, many from disadvantaged families, had been given not just the academic skills but also the confidence to pursue a career. They were very happy to return and be part of the celebrations, along with past teachers and principals – all wanting to give thanks and to encourage the continuation of the fine tradition.” 

Sherley’s Story

Sherley, a former student at Shrigonda, attended the centenary celebrations and declared: “I am a witness to this day because it was my primary school. It was precious for me to see. I enjoyed being a speaker on the day and writing for the school magazine.” Sherley studied at both primary and high school at Shrigonda. After school she studied nursing. Now, Sherley is living in Mumbai with her husband and adult son, working as a centre manager and volunteering as a social worker, as well as being president of the local Church of Christ. Sherley has a heart for the local church, social issues and encouraging various initiatives within the slum community. “I am very happy to say I am working with the poor people – working in the slum area so that people are knowing God.” Sherley is very thankful for the Churches of Christ in Western India, GMP and the opportunity to receive an education through boarding at Shrigonda, which has given her “a good position in life.” 

Rachel McIlgorm,
GMP Communications  

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