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Our Sense of Mission

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Mission is a people centred activity. We may focus our attention on our local setting, or somewhere further away or even somewhere farther away still. It is people and their situations that shape and sharpen our sense of mission. It may be that we identify a felt need to be met, or a structural block to people’s well-being that needs removal or an issue that limits and divides people. Our intent in mission is to see individuals and communities thrive. 

Such thriving has physical, spiritual and relational elements to it. Advocacy, generous giving and taking action in solidarity are ways that support personal and community well-being and transformation. Spiritual change comes as people find joy and meaning in a fresh appreciation of the ways that God is at work in their midst.
If our actions are going to be constructive and helpful, then these actions will be based on values drawn out of conversation and shared insights. There are various ways in which we can support change. We can bring skills in planning, listen to others, share new perspectives and as we do so affirm and strengthen what people are seeking to do for themselves. 

Implementing initiatives intended to resource people and communities with new life is dependent on a high level of trust. Such trust is not achieved in an instant or by an announcement. Dynamic trusting relationships take time and need time. Several of GMP’s partners are very long-term relationships. We know our partners and they know us! We trust our partners and they trust us!

Our experience teaches us that two-way trust takes time to be established. It may begin with listening and include a variety of people taking initiatives and risks with others. New possibilities are seen in action when we take a risk together and as we all trust in the grace and guiding presence of God. 

Whether we think ‘local’ or ‘global’ our engagement in mission is a product of our trust in each other and God’s actions with us. Mission in this sense is an expression of God’s gracious Kingdom – where there is space and justice for all.

John Gilmore,
Executive Officer

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