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New Borehole Fills Sipho with Joy

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The Safe Water September (SWS) challenge has concluded, but the impact remains. So far $101,339, has been raised for safe water projects in Zimbabwe. Donations will be used to support communities in rural Zimbabwe to access safe water, bringing joy to people like Sipho.

In Sipho’s community, clean water was scarce. Making a humble living as a small-scale farmer, access to water was vital for both her family and the animals that make them a living. As a divorcee with three children, Sipho faced significant challenges. With more than 3.5 million people dying from water and sanitation-related causes worldwide each year, the lack of water output threatened to devastate the community. Knowing how important safe water is, Sipho volunteered as chairperson of the local borehole committee. When she joined, the committee already had one borehole from Showers of Blessings, but the output of water was too low to meet the community’s needs. The committee requested that another borehole be drilled and, much to Sipho’s joy, the request was granted. With a small farm and little help, day-to-day life is still difficult for Sipho – but with access to clean water, better health and more time to dedicate to her work, she has high hopes for her community and the generations to come. 

Thank you for participating in the SWS challenge, or supporting someone who drank only water for the month! It’s not too late to give a financial gift towards SWS. You can give online 


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