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Meet Pastor Watungwa

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Pastor Watungwa leads the churches in Zimbabwe’s Msipani circuit. During 2017, in addition to his existing pastoral duties, Pastor Matungwa was entrusted with leading the new children's ministry. Two full-time trained male pastors and two female evangelists, who are both trained teachers, now work under Pastor Watungwa’s direction. This ministry team meets regularly to find the best ways to train the Sunday School teachers in each church. Last year’s highlight was a special weekend of fellowship at Siboza Church in August. Over 500 children joined in with a variety of activities, from drama to memory verses, music and quizzes, giving the children an amazing experience over the weekend.

Growing up, Scripture was one of the most important subjects we were taught. Many of the church leaders in our country are a product of the mission schools of the past. Today we now have to think progressively for future generations. Children’s ministry is not confined to a Sunday lesson but has a variety of activities, including sports, games and drama activities based on biblical stories. We ask for your prayers as we hope that many more activities like this will occur in the future!

BJ Mpofu, Zimbabwe

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