2018 News

Lives Changed Through Tutoring Ministry

Monday, 2 April 2018

Iman and Eko walk 6km from Tanen to Malibari village every weekend, to help tutor school kids. Iman is a new student to the Christian Church Theological School of Indonesia (CCTSI), and Eko is completing his thesis. This tutoring ministry is very helpful to the Malibari village children, to help them keep up with their studies at school. The tutoring also provides opportunities to reach out to other children in the community, children like Juwedi.

Juwedi is 12 years old. He dropped out of school because he had trouble following the teachers. He preferred working with his parents in the fields, or with labourers fixing nearby roads. He is not talkative and has few friends his own age. But ever since Iman and Eko have been visiting his village, Juwedi has been attending the tutoring classes and has become much more communicative and is making new friends! He loves the tutoring program and is always the first one to arrive. He comes from a non-believer background, so Iman and Eko invited him to join them at church – if he felt comfortable. Now, Juwedi goes to the Sunday service even though he has to walk 6km from his house.

Lives are being changed through the tutoring program. We are seeing that God can use small things to make big changes in peoples lives. Please keep praying for Iman’s and Eko’s ministry, so they can bear more fruit. And also pray for young Juwedi as he grows in his new faith.

Hery Susanto,

Church Partnerships Leadership Development

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