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Kids and Water Change Lives

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

This year Hudson (aged 7) and Toby (aged 5) both decided they wanted to be involved in the Safe Water September Challenge with their Nana Anne. They wanted to be involved in raising money to help others. Although they mainly drink water, we explained that it was for the entire month of September, and even if they went somewhere special like a party, out for Father's Day or to the Royal Adelaide Show, it would mean they could only drink water. This didn't faze them at all, so we signed them up. 

The boys went to school the first Monday morning, and excitedly told their teachers they were doing Safe Water September. Hudson's teacher asked me what it was about, so I took a print out of the information in to her and Toby's teacher the next day. Both teachers came out to me in the schoolyard after school with money to sponsor the boys, and praise on what a great cause it was.  The boys continued to tell their friends and family and each raised $320 for the month. They were so excited that they had helped so many people and not once did they ask for anything but water to drink, even on Sports Day when all their friends had slushies. Toby also paid some of his own money from his moneybox and wanted to continue through October too so he could raise more money! When I explained it had finished, both boys said they would definitely do it again next year. It not only showed the boys how easy it was to help others, but just how lucky we are to have access to clean water every single day. 

Liana Zanker, SA

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