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Great Gifts, Real Impact

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Working together is what empowers our projects to have real impact. It’s people like you whose generosity enables the ongoing work of our partners. This month, it is exciting to announce that GMP launches our 2018-19 Great Gift catalogue. Let me tell you how your Great Gifts are making an impact!

For Ranwas Community, in Vanuatu,the gift of pipes has made a real impact. Being isolated, they found accessing safe drinking water a demanding task. Members of the community were collecting water from a local stream.It was time consuming and difficult, and the water quality was unsafe. Elderly members of the community struggled to make the journey. The community set up a water system; however, the pipes eventually wore out and needed to be replaced. Without new pipes their source of clean water in their village was threatened. Thanks to generous people like you, the gift of new pipes ensured they had clean, safe water.The results were immediate –the water pressure increased making the tank overflow! A second concrete tank was installed to hold the new abundance of water.This is the impact that buying a Great Gift can have!

Onkar is a 19-year-old hard working youth, whose life has been transformed by the gift of a computer class. His parents are agricultural labourers, working long days on other people’s farms. They earn very low wages, making it difficult for Onkar to continue his education. Onkar had to give up his higher education to work and help support the family. Danny from GMP connected with Onkar, who has now undergone four months of the basic computer course through the Hosanna Vocational Training project ‘Saksham’. Onkar has successfully completed the course! He did very well and was given a job to teach computers to the other students. He says he is grateful to Saksham for providing him with this skills training which has not only helped him gain an education, but also a job. This is the impact that buying a Great Gift can have!

Your support is vital in fighting poverty, building local Christian communities, and standing with Australia’s first peoples.You can buy a Cow to improve livelihoods in Bangladesh or New Tyres for a motorbike evangelist in Zimbabwe, or Leadership Textbooks for an Indigenous leader here in Australia. Every gift you donate invests in local solutions that will change people’s lives for the better. 

It’s your generosity and continued support, that will help give practical gifts and have real impact.

John Gilmore, Executive Officer

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