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Computer Classes in India

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Hosanna Ministries India has expanded its work in the Maharastra state to provide a range of vocational training opportunities for young people. With the help of generous donations, ten students have completed computer classes over the past year. 

Students, aged 14-25 years old, come from slum areas of Mumbai with a very poor economic background. Most of them have had to drop out of school to work and support their families. With no proper skills or education, many of them have no choice but to work as manual labourers. 

With the help of valuable supporters, Hosanna Ministries were able to offer these young people the opportunity to learn some basic computer skills.  

There are some existing computer training institutes running in the area close to the slums, but the fees make it impossible for many young people to attend. Because of the generous donations of supporters like you, Hosanna Vocational Training can pay for the fees of such participants and provide them with the opportunity to mature and learn new skills. 

19-year-old Onkar has been particularly impacted by the opportunity. His parents are agricultural laborers, working on the farms of other farmers. They get very low wages, which made it hard for Onkar to continue his education. 

Onkar eventually gave up his higher education to work and support his family. After connecting with Hosanna Ministries, he started a four-month basic computer course through the Hosanna Vocational Training project, and has now successfully completed the course.  

Onkar did so well in this course that he was given a job opportunity to teach at the same centre he learned from. He now teaches computer skills to other students. He says he is grateful to have been provided with skills training, which has not only helped him gain education, but also a job. He has even expressed a desire to go on with higher computer education. 

The basic computer course runs for three to four months for two hours each day. The basic course includes training in Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, alongside training in internet browsing. By completing this basic course, the students get jobs in various areas like shopping malls, small offices and various industries. 

Purchasing a computer class for a young person in Mumbai will empower them to do far more than learn to use a computer. By donating, you are giving participants the skills and confidence to enable them to move ahead with their life, despite the hard times they and their family are going through.

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