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Challenging Poverty and Empowering Women in Vietnam

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Many women have travelled to mission fields in distant places, bringing the good news, health and education to local communities. Our history makers must have had buckets of courage, passion, grit and determination. Today’s women working in mission must also be gifted with these same qualities. One such woman is working for God in Vietnam. “It was a call on my heart to come to Vietnam,” Fiona Briers, founding director of Bright Solutions said. “Vietnam is progressing rapidly, and giving many young people brighter futures. Through access to higher levels of education, English language, international studies and better business prospects, Vietnam is advancing. However, the majority of the population cannot access these options due to incomplete schooling, limited skills and an inability to train or retrain, and missing gaps in their childhoods.” Fiona believes Bright Solutions can positively impact the lives of underprivileged women in Vietnam. Her passion for Vietnam and improving the lives of marginalised women in Ho Chi Minh City is evident upon meeting her. “My heart and passion is to serve and empower the poor and to do what I can with the skills and experiences I have to enrich the lives of others. My belief is that the poverty cycle is often generational due to tragic or difficult circumstances and a lack of education.”

Bright Solutions helps women to successfully manage their own futures and finances by training them in practical skills, including sewing and handicrafts, alongside management and life skills education. The women are put through programs that help them to increase their skills and expertise, and include a strong emphasis on managing finances. Bright Solutions offers vulnerable women an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. The women make vibrant, exquisite and intricate handcrafts made with fabrics unique to Vietnam, along with activity books, toys and decorations. They are made with attention to detail and quality in an atmosphere of hope and affirmation—a sharp contrast to the past experiences of the women involved. “The light of Christ shines bright in our local churches for mission. I am looking forward to continuing to work with teams from our local churches, partnering with others overseas, sharing the light of Christ in their communities.” If you would like to receive regular news updates from Bright Solutions please contact GMP.

Vicki Marney
Partnership Coordinator QLD

First published in Conexion Magazine Vol. 2017

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