2017 News

United Together to Visit Vanuatu

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A team of 12 from five different churches experienced Vanuatu from June 30-July 15. The team provided spiritual support and guidance to students and staff at Londua Technical College through their leadership of devotions and worship programs twice a day, teaching religious education classes, and encouraging various staff and students. The team also provided additional classes in English, training for staff in teaching strategies, and individual tutoring to students in all subject areas. An understanding of how to decide on future careers was another focus given by the team to the senior students. Christian perspectives on relationships and health were also well received by the students. These were organised in conjunction with special activity nights for the boys and girls to reinforce the message that “we are all special in God’s sight.” Spouses of staff were also present. The introduction of new sports games made for an enjoyable afternoon for all students. For the local communities of West Ambae, the long-term connections between some team members and the community here meant this visit was a time to celebrate friendships, extend relationships and further understand a different culture, reminding us that we are not alone when faced with difficult circumstances. I thank each of you for your extremely generous support towards the development of our young people and the school in general, as well as to the local communities. I commend this team for their expression of God’s love as displayed through their actions.

Peter Bryant,
Londua Technical College

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