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Timothy's Story

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Timothy, quiet by nature, was one of the young men chosen to go to Gandep Bible College in 2011. It was during his 3 years at Gandep Bible College that God's strength was revealed to him. His previous life had been characterised by shame, making him afraid of speaking in the presence of others or even to pray to Jesus. After studying at Gandep Bible College and being asked by lecturers to do some practical work at another village, he was able to let go of his previous life and feelings of shame. Timothy went to live at this village which had not known God for 12 years, working with them, building relationships and sharing the good news of Jesus. He saw God's strength at work here and the villagers came back to God. Now, he feels that he is able to achieve more than he could imagine through the strength of Jesus. 

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