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The Do's and Dont's of Mission

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

You want to get involved with mission and go overseas and give your time and money but not too sure how to go about it? Read these do's and dont's for some guidance.

Some Bad Ways to Get Involved with Mission

Please DON'T do this

  • Use an agency that you don’t know anything about
  • Only give money and don’t find out who you are helping and how
  • Give people stuff that makes them look to you every year for more
  • Don’t consider how local people can be increasingly involved in shaping the direction of mission in their own country
  • Send Westerners to do mission without considering local needs, culture and aspirations.

Some Good Ways to Visit a Partner Overseas

Please DO this!

  • Eat the food they offer you and enjoy it and tell them that you are enjoying it
  • Bring a small Australian gift
  • Make sure you pay your way, particularly if you are given accommodation, food or transport
  • Learn a bit of their language and use it even though you sound silly
  • Watch the way that they do things and try to fit in and do things their way
  • Don’t suggest new ways of doing things until you understand why they do it the current way.

Some Bad Ways to Give Money Overseas

Please DON'T do this

  • Take money with you and hand out cash
  • Give to the needs that you see without asking anyone local for the big picture
  • Give so you can get your photo taken putting a smile on someone else’s face

Some Good Ways to Give Money Overseas

Please DO this!

  • Use a reputable agency like GMP
  • Get GMP to do the transfer so you get a better exchange rate and better security for your money
  • Get GMP to do the transfer and be assured that there are proper accountability processes in place
  • Make sure that you pay your way if you are being hosted by an overseas partner
  • Take time to think about where your gift can have the most impact and where you can be most involved personally.

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