2017 News

Pastor Ramidr’s Story

Monday, 13 March 2017

Pastor Ramdir is in charge of the Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ (BHCOC) Literature Ministry. Literature Ministries is one of the tools used for spreading the gospel through the local dialects. This ministry has resulted in a number of people becoming obedient to the gospel and receiving water baptism. The Literature Ministry team has prepared the book of Romans for Sunday School studies in 2017.

Ramdir was born on 21 May 1979 and raised in a Christian family. At the age of three, he lost his father and so lived with his mother and elder sister. He personally believed the gospel and was baptised on 4 December 1993. Since childhood, he has loved writing and storytelling. He has composed songs in the Bawm language since 1993. He used to write various sermons on topical issues from the books he collected. On 12 February 2009, he joined BHCOC and was assigned to the Literature Ministry. He is now married with four sons. They are devoted as a family to this ministry.

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