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New Outreach Opportunities for Women in Bangladesh

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ (BHCOC) Women’s Ministry was formed in March 2014. The women are supporting their local ministers and Bible translation, as well as distributing songbooks from a small income they receive from handloom weaving. Women teach handicrafts to support the younger age groups in sustainable living. Most recently, the women’s ministry has wanted to increase women’s participation in serving the Lord, and to create new opportunities where women can minister to women (especially young women) in different facets of their lives. 

Mrs Ngensim, Chairperson of the women’s ministry said, “We would like to take more opportunity in reaching the unreached women of the neighbouring villages through the gospel.” There are 18 local churches in the Bandarban region. Leaders of these churches, accompanied by youth and women ministry teams, travel village-to-village and individual-to-individual, aiming to visit as many people as possible. Team travel depends on the availability of transport. A variety of methods are used, including boats, walking and hiking through the mountains, and traveling on local roads. The women who are involved in creating new outreach opportunities have recently returned from the Bible College in Chennai. They will be building up relationships with women in surrounding villages, accessible by motorbike, and will be the initial entry point for families to hear the gospel, something that usually begins with women. Starting small groups will provide a place of peace for women to retreat to from their busy lives, to have some quiet time with God or engage in fellowship with other women, helping these women to start and maintain an effective prayer life. These ministries would also include literature handouts, guest speakers and retreats to assist the women’s spiritual growth, and to also increase their understanding of health issues that affect their mind, body and spirit. Teaching to uphold the sanctity of Christian marriage and family life will also be included. Once they start understanding more about the gospel and following Jesus, there will then be the opportunity to determine whether a pastor/evangelist will go to live in that village. 

This women’s ministry is important for building relationships, supporting and training women – young and old – for participation and leadership in the church and the community, and to encourage and provide opportunities for younger women to take an active part in all the programs of the church. Mrs Ngensim says, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I humbly request and invite your love and prayers for this ministry – that the women’s group here may stand firm and stable.” 

Please also pray for:

Pastor Rongak and his wife, who have dedicated their lives for ministry among the Mru. Both of them have a strong vision and zeal for the ministry among the areas where we conduct outreach programs. 

The spiritual life of each BHCOC congregation, including their children, youth and adults. 

Vana Bawm,

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