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Bonding Through Prayer in Fiji

Thursday, 30 March 2017

I love the Indian food and culture of Fiji, and it is always a rich and rewarding experience to visit and see what God is accomplishing. I visited Pastor David and Christy Reddy in Lautoka for the fifth time in 2016. I was invited to preach on two Sundays and lead Bible studies during the week. Pastor David translated my message in Hindi for the locals. He felt the Lord really touched hearts and we prayed for people after the service. Most of the people are very poor, but this is no barrier to the Lord.

Last year David invited a young mum in the congregation to give her heart to the Lord. It was good to see during my recent visit that she is still going on with the Lord. We visited her and her family during the week for a time of sharing and prayer, finishing with a time of silence. It really brought tears to my eyes to hear the wonderful words of encouragement she felt the Lord had said to her in the time of reflection. That became our pattern of visitation during the week, with many more uplifting times. I was given the opportunity to preach again on the last Sunday, and I was amazed at how much bonding and connection had taken place during the week!

Peter Berry, NSW 

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