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The Chiefs of Tanna say 'Thank You'

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Support from GMP and Kiwilink was greatly appreciated after the cyclone to implement food distribution among our people in Imarap.

We have four Churches of Christ centres on Tanna, including Lenenia, Bangor, Ikiningen and Imarap. It was Imarap, located in White Sand in the eastern part of the island where the people suffered most from famine after the cyclone. The distribution of food was done fairly and accordingly.  We hired three trucks to transport the rice to East Tanna. There are 31 Churches of Christ households and a further 28 households in the surrounding communities. We purchased 125 bags of rice (18kg each) and one bag of rock salt. On our arrival we opened 3 bags of rice to be cooked for dinner for the whole community. Many people were waiting to receive their food. You should have seen the joy on their faces! Knowing that we had something for them to eat felt like a father being away for so long and now returning home.

The Chiefs of Tanna wish to thank the donors for supporting them with food while they were suffering this big disaster. Before we left Imarap, I gave some words of encouragement to the community, to tell them that they have to look to Jesus who is the master of everything. I prayed with them before leaving. I would still say that the people of Tanna are recovering very slowly, especially the people of Imarap. Partnership is all about making a difference in one’s life. Through it all we acknowledge our Creator, the highest God, who is in control of everything. His love endures forever and ever. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Thank you for your partnership.

Pastor Lewis Wari, Acting General Secretary, Churches of Christ Conference Vanuatu

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