2016 News

Sanitation Project for the Mru Community

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I began ministry among the Mru community in 2008. I have come to realise how important it is to help improve their standard of living through good sanitation and by creating a hygienic environment. Since 2013, I have helped to set up the plan to provide these facilities. It is motivating for the community, knowing that their lives would be so positively changed. The location of the area for this sanitation project is the Thanchi region, about 85km from Bandarban town. The aim is to transform the unhygienic situation into a hygienic environment within the community. This lets them know that our thoughts are for the community and demonstrates the love of God through this practical change. Around 1,000 people will benefit from this program. The Bandarban Hills Church of Christ has helped in constructing the latrines. We are grateful for the support of GMP to make this possible. We look forward to reaching many more of the unreached, and developing living standards among the Mru through this program. 

Vana Bawm, Bangladesh

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