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Mrs Mushewa's Story

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Mrs Mushewa lives in a rural area near Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. In the last year Showers of Blessing drilled a borehole in her community.

"Previously for washing children's clothes, there was very little water and it was not clean. There was not enough water to prepare food properly and we couldn't be hospitable by offering someone a drink of water. Bilharzia (a disease caused by contaminated water) was a big problem. The river has crocodiles and is not safe for the kids."

From cutting down waterborne diseases to the simple pride of having clean clothes, the borehole has made a difference in Mrs Mushewa's community. 

"I am the happiest one! Previously we washed white clothes with brown water, but now we are proud. We are looking forward to better things, we can even see the difference in the colour of our food." 

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