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BJ Mpofu's Story

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Have you ever wondered what BJ Mpofu does? BJ describes himself as a “jack of all trades.” BJ is called to do a variety of work at different times. In saying that, he has a strong vision and sense of clarity that God calls him and leads him to do what he does. BJ shared with us some of his story:

“Many years ago, as President of the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe, I pioneered the evangelism program within the Great Triangle, an area of new settlements joining rural Zvishavane and Gweru with the city of Bulawayo. We started with three evangelists, well supported by the Australian Churches of Christ, and today eight evangelists are supported in this area. Great work is being done and many churches are now in operation. Sadly, some have struggled to grow due to a lack of resources, both financial and human. I am passionate about this program and find myself spending a lot of time assisting the evangelists, providing them all the support they need, training leaders in these churches and encouraging evangelists to continue their good work. I am the point of call whenever the evangelist needs help or needs direction.

Another part of my role is strengthening the leadership in our churches. I run seminars for all groups in our churches. Two weeks ago, I was running a
seminar for women leaders in Zvishavane District and on 9 July I ran a leadership seminar for the Bulawayo churches. Mentoring pastors and developing church leadership is important. At the beginning of each year, I meet with all the pastors in each district to discuss what we see as major challenges for the year. This year we focused on the prevailing split that affected our National Conference and we devised a plan to keep our Association Churches working together and accepting diversity. I am glad that we have managed to keep the unity of our churches. I also meet with pastors whenever they need help or assistance. I sit on Church Boards like the Bible College Board and the Dadaya High School Board, which I also chair.

As well as my involvement with the pastors and evangelists I am involved with other projects implemented here in Zimbabwe, as well as hosting visitors. Sometimes partners in Australia want to know what is happening with their support, so I act as an intermediary and gather information for them by visiting the project and then I report back. I also write to partners on behalf of our ministries requesting funding from time to time. Let me acknowledge the support I receive from Australia and New Zealand, which makes it possible for Chipo and me to serve God’s churches in Zimbabwe. Chipo and I enjoy hosting international visitors. Those coming on mission trips are my responsibility. I do the booking for them and travel with them during their visit. These people become our ambassadors on their return home.

I am most indebted to you all. Thank you to all who lift Chipo and me in your prayers. We truly are thankful.”

BJ Mpofu, Zimbabwe 

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