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Lounge Rooms and Churches Glow with Colour!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

GMP supports Fiona Briers in Vietnam assisting marginalised women to gain dignity, purpose and skills through employment. Bright Solutions aims to empower women to gain financial independence, as well as breaking free from the cycle of poverty. A great “thank you” to all who arranged occasions for Fiona to share about Bright Solutions during April and May, right here in Australia.

Fiona describes her visit as “a wonderful month of sharing about the work in Vietnam and showing some of the crafts created and made by the Bright Solutions’ team. It has been my delight to connect, and re-connect, with many folk who have been faithful supporters of me and Bright Solutions, as well as introducing others to this ministry”.

In NSW Jan Baylis, COCOA Administration Assistant, hosted a small gathering of people of all ages in her home: “My lounge room glowed with colour! Fiona had arranged interactive children’s books and toys on tables, bright bunting across the windows and wall charts hanging from cupboards and shelves. It was also great to hear a story of one Vietnamese lady taking the brave step to set up her own business following the supportive, mentoring model of Bright Solutions”.

Laura Payne from NSW who visited Fiona in Vietnam during 2015 also held a gathering at her home: “The continued impact Fiona is making in the lives of the women of Bright Solutions is amazing. It was wonderful to hear stories of transformation, see products and learn from the woman behind the company”.

In Victoria, Carnegie Church of Christ hosted Fiona on Mothers’ Day. Pastor Peter Los said: “Fiona shared about her experiences empowering women, giving them hope and a new beginning in life. What better way to celebrate Mothers’ Day than to hear great stories of women's lives being changed…we loved it!” During Fiona’s visit there were opportunities for people to purchase the Bright Solution products, including “colourful creations of learning material for young children. New mums and grandmothers were delighted, and many items now grace the nurseries of homes in Carnegie”.

Fiona also experienced support and encouragement from her home church, CrossCulture, as her trip coincided with CrossCulture’s Global Missions Convention. She also attended a number of special family occasions and celebrations during her visit. “Personally, I have continually been humbled and blessed by the generosity and genuine hospitality of people who opened their homes to me, shared meals, took time to meet and encourage me.”

Fiona has now safely returned to Vietnam: “Returning to Vietnam I’ve been greeted with the intensity of the hot season, but with a warmth of a different kind at Bright Solutions, sharing mutual excitement with staff at meeting one another again. The women eagerly listened to the stories and feedback about reactions to their work! They are still buzzing along with orders to fill, and work to be done”. 

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