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Growing Healthy Gardens

Monday, 12 September 2016

There are huge positive impacts when communities can access safe water.

Showers of Blessing Trust installs boreholes for communities away from the contaminated rivers and watering holes, and closer to homes and communal areas. When a community has its own source of water, the community is empowered so people can have a sense of pride and motivation to take ownership of further developments. Here is a story from the women of Rupemba who started their own garden:

“We were collecting water, going to and fro from the river 84 times, to water the garden, especially in summer when it’s very hot. We were using two buckets of water per square metre and doing this three times per week. Because of Showers of Blessings, the water now comes to us! The water for our garden is pumped from the river right into our garden well!”

Women from the Rupemba community started their own garden. Some of the women are struggling with HIV/AIDS, and experience diseases associated with respiratory problems. They have to work in order to meet their nutritional needs and to look after their health. Alleviating the long distances from the river to water their gardens benefits their long-term health and well-being, providing fresh vegetables and potential income for their families.

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