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Breeding Chickens in Thailand

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Our partners from Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) are working at increasing the incomes of poor communities and people’s financial independence through chicken farming around Chiang Mai.

At Phet Phaithun, there is a well-established set of chicken farms. The pastor, Phaitoon Saekhou, coordinates the project. Families raise up to 500 chickens at a time for meat. They work together to buy chicken feed, sell the manure and negotiate with suppliers and buyers. Through COCOA, the community plans to establish their chicken project further to include an incubator and an abattoir. CCT and COCOA are using the experience gained in Phet Phaithun to start new chicken farms. CCT is targeting marginalised communities that are composed of many rural people and hill tribes in northern Thailand. Before a chicken project begins, there is a survey of the communities to determine the current level of income, stability of current income, general work and management skills, and general wellbeing. Families will receive training and start-up support, including chickens, chicken coop materials, and initial food and medicine for good animal health.

When visiting the chicken projects, I learnt that part of the drive behind the project is that it provides frequent income compared to other local crops that only produce an annual harvest. One member of the village shared that, while it was not a lot of money, having money every month made looking after the family much easier. It is a great opportunity for everyone in the community to
be involved, not just the Christians in the community. Chicken projects aim to provide income generation for local people. Through training, local people learn how to care for their chickens and how to run a business. A new chicken-breeding shed of 500 chicks will start a community on the road to new income, education and health.

Colin Scott, COCOA Director 

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