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Weaving an Income

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

It is typical for a woman in the Bandarban Hills (Bangladesh) to spend long hours in the field, working hard to put food on the table and supplement the family’s income. Any ‘spare time’ is usually spent weaving, making products both for the home, and, for those who are Christians, for the church. The Bangladesh Weavings project provides opportunities for women to use these weaving skills to earn an income for their family. 

From a young age, girls learn to work with the colourful yarn at the loom, using cloth and wool purchased from the local market. A scarf, small knee rug or wrap can be completed in a day if a woman works hard on this project. Linen bags and scarves take about three quarters of a day to complete, while a large blanket takes a day and a half. Both men and women in Bangladesh use the linen bags and blankets. Each item is uniquely designed.

There is a deep sense of satisfaction in producing these practical items. Profits from the sale of these products helps to support their pastors and the evangelists who spread the good news of God’s love. Many focus on ministering to the Mru, a tribal people living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Some products have also made their way to Australia and are sold to support Christian outreach and churches in Bangladesh. 

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