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Thinking Differently About Business

Monday, 25 May 2015

COCOA associate partner, Urban Neighbours of Hope in Thailand, is making business work for people! Saiyuud Diwong runs a cooking school called Cooking with Poo, which is a major tourist attraction. She employs as many people as she can to help her. She puts aside money every month to help others who have ideas to start their own businesses or who need a financial boost. She naturally learned to give to others through the way that others gave to her. Cooking with Poo is the most prominent initiative that has grown out of UNOH in Thailand, but is not the only one. Munjai Café, Second Chance opportunity shop, Creative Wares up cycled clothing and RoyRak jewelry all work to help people develop into who they were created to be. UNOH business enterprises employ local people and provide a staff member to co-manage start-ups. The business enterprises enable local people to provide for their families in a way they never have before, opening up employment possibilities beyond the slums, sending their children to school, and going back to school themselves. While UNOH raises its own funds, GMP has made a contribution for many years, which in the past went to the pre-school and soccer program. These programs are less central to UNOH’s work now so the GMP contribution will help with existing microenterprises and help to establish new ones. UNOH seeks to bring transformation into the lives of others, and seeks transformation for themselves at the same time. Their hope is that the people they influence will do the same.


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