2015 News

Tejas and His Two Sisters

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tejas and his two younger sisters Pallavi and Aradhana belong to the Kolam people group, which is one of the most primitive Hindu and Animistic tribes of India. Up until 50 years ago the community sustained themselves by hunting and relying on natural resources. In order to survive, many people relocated to find work in other locations around India. Tejas' parents struggle to find work and to care for their children. Gnyan Sampada Residential School (formerly Ankoor Children’s home) is a large blessing to Tejas and his two sisters. The children are provided with food, clothing, and opportunity to study English. The School supports and makes a difference in the lives of many children living in the surrounding areas. Without education and support, children like Tejas and his sisters often become exposed and vulnerable to engaging in child labor. Tejas is appreciative of the support they receive “We are grateful to school for caring for us because of God’s love.” 

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