2015 News

Sunila's Goats

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The HIV/Aids support group run by Ashwood Memorial Hospital, India has a drop-in Community Centre providing HIV/Aids counseling, testing, education and vocational training. The group also provides bereavement support and counseling for families losing members to AIDS. ‘Sunila’ has received support from the program for the past 7 years receiving care from the team when her husband passed away. Now, Sunila is receiving further assistance from the team to help with her livelihood. The Support Group is happy to announce that they have helped Sunila to buy 4 goats for a goatery. Breeding goats will assist Sunila to sustain the financial needs of her and her 7yr old son. These goats give Sunila a new hope for her future and will empower her into independent living.

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