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May's Mission

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

There are women all over the world who are passionate about Mission. I have met ordinary women doing extraordinary things. I would like to share May’s story from Wujemel Kindy, Central Pentecost, Vanuatu.

May is a faithful servant of God. God has laid it on her heart to teach kindergarten (kindy) at Wujemel for the past 22 years, enabling the children to have a successful start to school. Each year there are about 30 children from surrounding villages who come to learn the national language (Bislama) prior to attending the local school. Each village can have its own language, so learning Bislama at kindy enables the children to start school speaking the same language. This is May’s mission.

The kindy has no water, power or toilets, and is made from local material such as palm fronds with a dirt floor. The kindy curriculum is very similar to what our Aussie kids have experienced. May receives no government funding, has limited local resources, and has never received a wage.  If parents can afford to, they may pay kindy fees with locally grown produce such as taro. No child is ever turned away, or denied enrollment.

May works 5 days a week without a wage and has raised her family of 4 while working at the kindy. Before and after work, May works her garden to provide food for her family. May works from sun up to sun down. May is extraordinary as no matter what, she is faithful and committed to following God’s plan for her, regardless of obstacles, including poverty and cyclones. Her qualities are rare in our western society. With very limited resources, she only has the gifts and provision God has given. May faithfully believes that God will provide her needs and never doubts this. She has been provided practical support in the past few years by Global Mission Partners through a church-to-church partnership between Withcott Church of Christ and the Central Pentecost Churches of Christ. 

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