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Benefitting the Disabled and the Poor

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Only one third of the rural population of Vietnam has adequate sanitation facilities. COCOA South East Asia (COCOA SEA) is making healthy sanitation available to people with a disability in Binh Phuoc Province, working with Binh Phuoc Association for the Disabled, Poor and Orphans (BPADPO).

In poorer areas, such as Binh Phuoc Province, it is often less than a third who have adequate sanitation facilities. Of those who do have access to sanitation, only 17 per cent know how to use their facilities hygienically, increasing the risk of contracting water-borne diseases. To combat this, COCOA SEA provides wells and toilets in the schools and areas of greatest need. 

My name is Thythy and I am a representative of the local authority who works alongside the COCOA leaders to submit the ideas for installing toilets and bathrooms in the area. BPADPO identifies the vulnerable families, and toilet facilities and access equipment are then installed. As well as improved health, having a toilet opens up increased opportunities to be involved in and accepted by the local community. When toilets are built in their home or community, the people are happier and feel more comfortable in their daily life because their difficulties with hygiene are solved. The people who benefit the most from this project are those who are poor and disabled. 

Thythy, Vietnam

Association for the Disabled, Poor and Orphans (BPADPO)

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