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Pastor Nyika Mashindi leads five churches in a rural area where churches can be located up to 10 km away from a main road. Prior to 2005, when Nyika was given a motorbike, walking was the only option. Now, he can ride through the bush and along rough roads and small pathways. This is enabling him to create relationships with people who are normally isolated from regular church fellowship and to hold crusades to foster church growth and development. During one crusade, he visited 160 homes over seven days! Nyika and his wife struggle to provide basics including food, warm clothes, and money for schooling for their 3 children, especially in a drought year. It is a challenge for him to maintain his motorbike in a good condition for travelling the long, rough roads. GMP equips pastors like Nyika with a motorcycle, fuel and necessary repairs, registration and insurance costs. To date, 30 motorcycles have been supplied to pastors and evangelists in Zimbabwe so they can reach remote locations with the love of Jesus. 

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