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Let's Bring Change through the Mru Community

Through the Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ, GMP supports seven evangelists in who are passionate about ministering and serving the tribal Mru community in Bangladesh.  Despite their location in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, evangelists are living in a predominantly Muslim, Buddhist and animist setting, and having little in terms of material resources, they have the courage, faithfulness and compassion to reach the Mru people.

This passionate outreach ministry includes preaching, providing education, literature materials and teaching through songs. Mru families are large and often live in traditional villages without electricity, with many Mru children growing up with little or no schooling. When churches are built in Mru villages, the buildings are used as a 'preschool' for children between 5 and 12 years of age during the week. At these preschools, the children are taught how to read and write in the Mru script, an important stage that prepares them for starting school when they turn 12 when the only other option is to begin working in the fields.  Evangelists and their families are setting an example to the surrounding villages as they model godly living, church outreach and worship.

It is my dream to serve Christ among unreached peoples

Churches of Christ commenced in the Bandarban Hill Tracts of Bangladesh in 2007. Since then, 16 churches have been established with over 700 members. GMP entered into partnership with these indigenous churches in 2011. The churches are located in marginalised communities with few resources. As of 2016, GMP supports seven evangelists and subsidises the pastoral salary of the General Secretary, Vana Bawm. We also build local capacity by subsidising training costs for students.

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Vana Bawm

Vana Bawm

I am the General Secretary of the Bardarban Hills Churches of Christ. As a visionary leader, I am keen to express God’s love in practical ways. Following in the footsteps of my evangelist father, I received bible training in India and returned to my native Bangladesh to share the good news of Jesus. So far, 16 churches have been planted with over 700 members. 

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