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The IMA Pathways Program seeks to provide emerging Indigenous Christian leaders a safe pathway to grow in their Christian discipleship. It helps them develop their leadership through culturally appropriate ministry training and mentoring opportunities.

For many young Indigenous Australians it’s exciting when they begin their journey of faith and seek to know and serve God. To keep this fire burning they need role models and opportunities to learn what Indigenous leadership looks like within their communities. Many have a desire to lead but need encouragement and nurturing by their Elders to become who God has chosen them to be.

“The IMA Pathways Program is a real need for young Aboriginal leaders. It's important that, once we choose to accept Jesus Christ, we have the doors open to lead us into God's ministry. It's crucial, once we become on fire for the Lord, that we have the opportunity to do God's work, wherever He chooses for us to go.” - Connie Clinch and Coen Pickett

The Pathways Program, an Indigenous-led initiative, enables like-minded young leaders to connect with one another and provide support and friendship, while also receiving valuable mentoring from Christian Elders.

The program offers participants relational, cultural, spiritual, and financial support over a twelve-month period, with the potential to apply for a further two years of support.  

The IMA Pathways Program includes:

  1. Mentoring from respected First Nation Christian elders and leaders.
  2. Shared gatherings and learning forums.
  3. Practical ministry opportunities in a variety of local and regional contexts.
  4. Cultural workshops and ministry training events.
  5. Guidance for each participant to access the most appropriate programs and learning experiences, tailored to their unique ministry context and interests, and developed in consultation with their local church or ministry accountability partner.
  6. Additional guidance and support for participants looking to explore or continue theological or community-focused education at a tertiary level.
  7. Some financial support related to their ministry training and professional development (i.e. travel, accommodation and text-book subsidies).
  8. Ministry opportunities and prayer support provided by Pathways Program Church Partners.

Your gift towards the Pathways Program can help emerging Indigenous Christians realise their potential.

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