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Tropical Cyclone Idai

The flooding caused by the powerful Tropical Cyclone Idai weather system since 15 March 2019 continues to cause destruction in Zimbabwe.

Crops and livestock have been destroyed in areas which were already facing rising food insecurity. Overall, more than 16000 households (about 50,000 people) are estimated to be affected.

The displacement of people, together with damaged water supply infrastructure, heightens the risk of malaria, cholera and other diarrheal diseases and the potential for a communicable disease outbreak. In addition the damage to the port in Beira and its access roads in neighbouring Mozambique affects fuel and food supplies to Zimbabwe, as well as livelihoods of people in Eastern Zimbabwe that rely heavily on the Zimbabwe/Mozambique trading corridor.

GMP is raising funds to support people in Zimbabwe who continued to be affected by the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai. 

Support being provided includes:

  • Provision of WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) facilities such as toilets, drinking water facilities and hygiene promotion
  • Provision of shelter for those families whose home has been destroyed by the floods
  • Help with re-establishing livelihoods 
  • Psychosocial support – people are traumatised, with loss of property, near death or loss of family members and friends.

Through the ACT Alliance GMP has trusted church partners in the affected areas which enables our support to go directly to those in need. 

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