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Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV)

Let's Bring Change through Kids

Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV) is a beautiful home to orphaned and vulnerable children. KCV was established in 1994 when statistics indicated that over 22.5 million of Africa’s populations were living with HIV/AIDS. While the AIDS epidemic that motivated the opening of KCV has waned, the economic situation in Zimbabwe means that many parents still feel compelled to abandon their children. KCV is a beautiful home to around 50 orphaned and vulnerable children who have lost or been abandoned by their parents. The village is organised into family units and family re-connection is encouraged. The expanding KCV farm and dairy cows helps towards their goal of eventual self-sustainability. 

Holistic Care

At KCV, the kids live in family groups with a variety of ages in each of six households. House mothers, fathers and aunties look after the children. They are fed, clothed and loved by the staff and have access to a good education. The KCV children are highly regarded at their schools. KCV is a vibrant community of children becoming capable and committed citizens, providing opportunities for them to excel in sport, music and any other endeavour they pursue.

Re-connection with Relatives

KCV seeks the best outcome for the children and where relatives can be identified, KCV works with them to re-establish a relationship with their child and where it is safe and supportive for the children to do so, to return the child to live with the family.  Financial support and livelihood training help families to support the child.

KCV Farm

COCOA is working with KCV to develop the village's ability to meet its own needs. KCV is gradually creating more of its own income through developing a dairy herd, raising chickens and growing vegetables on their 270 acre farm.  COCOA is also assisting with solar power to reduce electricity bills and enhance the environment.

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Meet The Locals

Vimbai Vuma

Vimbai Vuma

I am the KCV Director.  My vision is to see vulnerable children at KCV grow in a family with love and Christian values, so that when they leave the village they are independent, reliable and God-fearing citizens. 

Lungisani Sibanda

Lungisani Sibanda

I am the KCV Farm Manager, trained and skilled to lead farm operations to improve the productivity at the Farm and run it as an income generating entity.

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