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Let’s Bring Change through Sewing Machines

Bright Solutions Vietnam trains vulnerable women in handcraft, employment and business skills in order to break the poverty cycle. Bright Solutions makes vibrant, exquisite, and intricate handcrafts. Made with fabrics unique to Vietnam, the activity books, toys and decorations are made with attention to detail and quality in an atmosphere of hope and affirmation – a sharp contrast to the past experiences of the women involved. Training, sometimes by visiting team has included financial management, basic computer skills and work and life skills. The goal is to give low-skill workers the self-confidence and work skills to gain employment in the wider market. Some have left to initiate their own small businesses. Others have found work in home help, handicrafts and other fields.

One sewing machine means that a woman can start her own business and financially support her family, opening doors to education and sustainability

 Bright Solutions products are marketed in Australia through GMP and can be purchased online at

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Our Women

Our Women

Women who join the Bright Solutions team come from backgrounds of limited schooling, often untrained in vocational skills, subjected to social stigmas, domestic violence and “shame” over family or health experiences.  They come with ingrained histories of poverty that permeate every aspect of their lives.  No wonder they need courage to persevere. Bright Solutions invests in genuine relationships of encouragement and acceptance so that over time confidence and identity are restored.

Fiona Briers

Fiona Briers

I am an Australian with an educational background and a heart for the poor. My background is teaching English in cross-cultural settings and I have completed studies in human management. I served for several years as a voluntary worker in Malaysia before moving to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in July 2009. Since then I have been kept busy learning Vietnamese, building relationships with the local church leaders, and developing Bright Solutions as a vocational training company. 

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