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Ambae Disaster Preparedness Project

Help ensure communities in Vanuatu are better prepared for disaster situations in the future. 

After the devastating and ongoing eruption of Monaro Volcano on Ambae, an island in the north of Vanuatu, the Churches of Christ Conference Vanuatu (CCCV) have launched the Ambae Disaster Preparation Project to help Communities to better prepare them for living with an active volcano. 

Many people and communities were displaced due to the volcanic activity. The Vanuatu Government have asked Ambae people to have second homes on other islands so they can live in Ambae when it is safe to do so but have another home to go to when it is not safe to live in Ambae. 

This project will work with Ambae Communities to help them better prepare them for living in their ‘second home’ (on Santo, Maewo and Pentecost) and when they return to Ambae, in terms of food security, income generation, and providing psych-social skills and counselling. . 

The volcanic activity on Ambae, has impacted people greatly. Help communities recover, and prepare for brighter futures. 

Temporary shelters set up for Ambae communities on Santo

The devastating effects of Ashfall on the environment on Ambae

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