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Conservation Agriculture Pilot

Let’s bring change through sustainable agriculture

Many of the poorest farmers in Aweil District of South Sudan still plough by hand - an exhausting and time-consuming task. Our local partner, Christian Mercy International (CMI), is working with these subsistence farmers, to help them find new ways to increase their harvest, improving their food supply and income. They are supporting farmers to pilot new methods of farming that are sustainable for the future. 

Conservation farming can double or even triple farming production! This is without having to increase the area being farmed. It improves the soil, promising ongoing increased returns for the future. Conservation farming is more cost effective than funding traditional ploughing, as well as better for the environment. 

Your support will enable CMI to pilot conservation farming in the Aweil district. Conservation agriculture is still not common in rural South Sudan. 

With your help, CMI staff will identify and work with farmers who would benefit from sustainable farming. Training these farmers will not only help increase their production, but help show the benefits of conservation farming, and help other farmers gain confidence to try this method. 

Your support will enable CMI to help make conservation agriculture accessible and valuable to communities in need. Making sustainable farming more widely accepted will help encourage sustainable practices, as well as benefiting the farmers through better results. After the pilot, CMI plans to roll out conservation farming to twenty-five communities in need. 

Give today and bring real change to farmers in need. Help them to care for the environment and their families for years to come.

Meet The Locals

Paulino Malou Bol Jok

Paulino Malou Bol Jok

I have big dreams for my people! After managing the Emmanuel Children project for three years, I established Christian Mercy International (CMI) a local faith-based organisation to coordinate more projects.

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