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Let's Bring Change through Revival 

The Melanesian Evangelical Churches of Christ (MECOC) consists of more than 100 national pastors sharing the task of evangelism and church building. In early 2015, these pastors saw a revival in the Keram/Grass area of PNG as the Holy Spirit empowered young people to evangelise powerfully, prophesy, see visions and heal the sick. Yabru Jerry, Executive Director of MECOC, asks that we 'pray for lasting fruit of this revival movement'.

GMP is committed to encouraging the leaders of the Melanesian Evangelical Churches of Christ MECOC to think and plan for the long term, working with them on strategies to grow their own capacities in leadership and to allocate resources strategically. Many of these churches are located in the most remote settings of PNG and are difficult to access. Travel is by canoe or foot; communication is by radio.

GMP supports projects helping people to read the Bible in their own language, training church treasurers, women’s ministry training and training leaders for children’s ministry through Gandep Bible Training Centre and the Yamen Bible School.

it's encouraging to hear the stories of new churches being developed and people being baptised

The history of Churches of Christ in PNG can be traced to pioneer efforts following the Second World War. A number of returned veterans were asking, “Why not begin a new mission field in Papua or New Guinea?” An exploratory survey in 1957 led to the selection of a suitable area along the lower Ramu River. Frank Beale and Harold Finger, established a mission station at Tung in the East Sepik region in the late 1950s. Today there are over 6,000 Christians and 200 churches divided into seven regions scattered along the Ramu, Keram, Sepik, Sogeram and Ywat Rivers in the Schrader Ranges and the land between. All are located in subsistence village settings. More than 100 national pastors share the task of evangelism and church building.

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Meet The Locals

Yabru Jerry

Yabru Jerry

I am the Executive Director of MECOC. I am passionate about revival in the tribal areas of PNG. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will empower young people to evangelise powerfully, to prophesy, see visions and to heal the sick. 

Silas Gibe

Silas Gibe

I oversee Literacy Coordinations for MECOC. My desire is to see local bush school teachers trained and equipped to teach basic literacy in the mother tongue of the early primary age children. This is a first step in preparation for later years in school where the teaching is in English.

Cathy Fiam

Cathy Fiam

I have completed a Bachelors Degree at the Christian Leaders Training College and returned as one of the full-time faculty members at Gandep. I am committed to equipping women and men for leadership.

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