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Vulnerable people face many issues due to traditional attitudes. Sadly, in the Pacific region 68% of women and girls experience violence in their homes and communities. While child protection policies do exist among some churches, there is a need to connect such policies more deeply into these communities.  There are also approximately 1.7 million people living with disability in Pacific Island countries. People living with disabilities in these areas have limited access to education, employment and other social services which leads to exclusion, prejudice, discrimination and rejection.

The project seeks to influence local understandings, attitudes and behaviours towards vulnerable groups across GMP’s partner communities. Christian leaders have a unique position to help lead cultural change through their networks. 90% of people who live across the Pacific identify as Christian, and biblical teachings have a big influence on local community behaviour. As a church agency, GMP has an opportunity to work with our partners through their church networks. In many cases these networks are more reliable than other civil society networks, and can better connect with less accessible, and more marginalised, communities. 

Your support of Made in God’s Image will help provide training and resources, to help Church leaders change attitudes for the better. The project helps church leaders look closely at what the Bible says about women, people living with a disability and children. We are all Made in God’s Image. With their ideas clearer in their minds, church leaders make plans to be agents of change, developing greater understanding and more equal value towards women, people with a disability and children.

Starting with the pilot in Fiji, the Made in God’s Image project aims to be a resource for GMP partner communities across the world. 

With your help, the message of the Bible will be spread to promote healthy attitudes towards some of the most vulnerable people in Pacific communities. 

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