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Mid Year Appeal 2022

You are a Changemaker.

Your partnership has enabled lasting, positive change in the lives of many people. With your support, our partners work with local communities to find practical and sustainable solutions to help them improve their lives.

You can keep making these changes possible.

Together, we helped 5,013 people gain improved access to safe water over the last year. Your support enabled 141 people to participate in vocational or higher education through our partners. In South Sudan, 50 vulnerable children received goats to support their schooling costs. Your continued support can help extend this positive change even further.

For many years, partners like you have supported the Emmanuel School in South Sudan, an initiative of Christian Mercy International (CMI). The Education Program has supported children affected by the civil conflict, providing access to precious education. Recently, CMI has been focusing on extending the Children’s Education Program to benefit other small, not-for-profit schools as well as Emmanuel School. This means your support is reaching even more children in need.

One of these schools has just received goats for the first time! Goats were given to the caretakers of Grade One children at Tiaraliet School and, specifically, to students with a disability, students without parents, and those with extreme needs. These children are some of the most vulnerable in their community. Three goats were given to each of the children’s caretakers in March.

CMI Director Paulino Malou told us, “The community were so happy. They said that GMP and COCOA have done great and blessed work toward supporting the community of Aweil and the ten community and church-based schools.”

Your tax-deductible gift is vital in making changes like these. Just $194 can help provide a person with vocational training in India to increase their income-earning capacity. 

Give before June 30 to claim your tax deduction. Use the form on the right or FreeCall 1800 467 222 to give over the phone.

Global Mission Partners is now fully accredited by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), responsible for managing the Australian Government’s aid program. This means a selection of our Relief and Development projects are eligible to receive additional funding through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). And your gift plays a key role in securing this funding to increase the impact we have together! We have committed to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian Government. So, when you give to COCOA through the Mid-Year Appeal, you allow us to extend our programs even further.

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