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Mid Year Appeal 2020

In this time of uncertainty, you can still make a difference.

The spread of coronavirus has made us all aware of the critical importance of good hygiene and health care services. But many people still don’t have access to these vital services.

Your tax-deductible gift can give life-changing water, health and sanitation.

In Zimbabwe, rural communities don’t have safe water. They are forced to drink dirty water, wash themselves in dirty water, and wash their food in dirty water.  Because of this they suffer debilitating water-borne diseases.

In India, slum communities live on the edge of rubbish tips. Families do not have soap and water needed for handwashing. They haven’t been taught why it is so important. They struggle to get the health care they need.

In many rural communities in Bangladesh, they have to go to the toilet in the open. People aren’t aware of that regular handwashing and basic hygiene practices can reduce sickness. It’s hard for them to go to the doctor and get medicine.

But there is hope.

Over the years, supporters like you have helped provide some of the world’s poorest communities with better access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene, and basic health care. This has helped reduce illness and has transformed lives forever.

In Nasawa village in Vanuatu, a hand washing station has been installed in the local pre-school. Children now have a place to wash their hands! They giggle as the clean water runs over their hands. They have learned how to wash their hands thoroughly, and are getting ready to eat their lunch!

Similarly, in Baravet village a standpipe was installed at the local pre-school. Teacher Matan is overjoyed her students now can wash their hands safely.

“Now the pre-school has a standpipe, we have clean water and do not need to walk long distance,” Matan says. “The children can clean their hands after toilet and no worry about using up the water.”

This is only one example of the great things we can achieve together.

Even in these challenging times, you can make a difference. By giving vital health and sanitation needs to vulnerable people, you can help change their lives. You can be a part of these incredible stories.

Please give now. Gifts over $2 are tax-deductible.

Your tax deductible gift to COCOA will help these good news stories continue

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