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Christmas Offering 19

Empower a breakthrough that helps set someone free from poverty.

Breakthroughs happen when something new overcomes a seemingly impossible struggle. This Christmas, be part of break throughs that bring real change for people living in poverty.

Some of the world’s poorest communities have been trapped in poverty for generations. 

They have less resources and opportunities to help them break this chain.

This Christmas you can help these communities. 

Your support empowers some of the world’s poorest communities, to find breakthroughs. It helps them achieve solutions that once seemed impossible.

Use the form to the right to empower their breakthrough now!

Breakthrough for a family in Bangladesh is a safe and hygienic sanitation system. 

Breakthrough for a Zimbabwean family is a loan to start a small business, so they can take care of an abandoned child.

And breakthrough for South Sudan is building a grassroots movement for peace.

In South Sudan, war and violence have cost thousands lives. Families like Garang’s were torn apart and forced to flee their home. Half of the population is still living in poverty and suffer from hunger. 

“We walked night and day in the bush. In the grass, and in the thorny places. I got pierced. My soles now are spottish.” 

Garang continues, “I don’t want this mark to be in soles of others.”

Garang grew up in the midst of conflicts and violence during the Second Sudanese Civil War. Despite his appalling experience, he was motivated and determined to end the conflicts at his generation. He wanted to teach younger generations how to resolve differences without any violence. 

Peace building can break through instability and poverty in South Sudan. 

And there has been a breakthrough! 

Earlier in the year, LAFOSS helped establish ‘Peace Clubs’ in local schools. Leaders from each school were trained in to resolve differences without any violence. They were able to take these skills back to their schools. They taught peace building to their classmates. 


“Before the war we were in different tribes, but now we are not separated,” one of students, Martha, said. “No one was this tribe or that tribe at the workshop. We are not going to do that anymore.”

The attitudes of the next generation are changing through these projects. The young people of South Sudan can break through the division of the past.

God calls us to care for the poor. This Christmas you can help empower breakthroughs in the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities. 

With breakthroughs, poverty can be overcome. This Christmas, be part of break throughs that bring real change for people living in poverty.

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