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Mother's Love

Mother's Love care's for India's disadvantaged and destitute irrespective of race, caste, creed and gender.

Mother’s Love Welfare Centre in Daltongani serves to bring light into the dark experiences of India’s disabled, disadvantaged and destitute people. The focus of their program is on helping vulnerable women and children of all creeds and races through the provision of pre- and post-natal care support for women experiencing abuse, and the care and education of orphaned and abandoned children. 

Mother's Love Cares for the Neglected

A regular stream of the marginalised, incuding leprosy sufferers, widows, abused women, and children who have been orphaned or abandoned, come needing help. During a sharp cold winter 200 warm blankets were provided to those who might otherwise have died from exposure. College fees were provided for one highly intelligent girl and boy, who were too poor to afford a higher education. 

'The Ruth Acadamy' (named after Ruth Skillicom, a former SA missionary) exists for desitute children, who otherwise would end up as beggars. Clothing and education is a priority for the extremely poor and opressed. Slates, books and pencils are provided along with wall charts and a blackboard. Currently only 35 boys and girls can be accommodated in the small room hired in a mud house in the village. In the future we hope to have our own school building.

Two of the children in our care include Shreya, a six year old girl with leukaemia and an eight year old boy, Dhiraj, with right-side paralysis. Shreya's chemotherapy is costly. For Dhiraj we provide physiotherapy, glasses and surgery for his crossed eyes. 

Thanks to our partnership with GMP we have  solved the problem of a falling subterranean water table with a deep tube-well and submersible pump. Please prayerfully remember us as our area is prone to Naxalite (Communist guerrilla) terrorism.

Pamela Kumar, Mother's Love Director, India.

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